Ain't (Yves Saint) Laurent Without Bergé

One of the eagerly awaited Yves Saint Laurent biopics hits French cinemas on Wednesday, and the film, which was directed by Jalil Lespert and stars Pierre Niney, is the one endorsed by the late YSL's partner, Pierre Bergé. You've probably heard by now that the two rival films are set to hit the big screen this year, and one is not supported by Bergé and the house. Bergé recently praised the film to WWD, and shed some light on the other YSL, which was directed by Bertrand Bonello and stars Gaspard Ulliel as YSL.

The film is expected to premiere during the Cannes Film Festival in May. Not only has Bergé declined to cooperate with Bonello, as we told you back in April, he "warned the director that he will sue if the rival production features any unauthorized reproductions of Saint Laurent dresses or sketches." 

Bergé told WWD: “I’m saying they are not allowed to show copies ... I certainly won’t seek a ban on his movie, but I do own the moral right to Yves Saint Laurent’s oeuvre, and if the moral right is breached — in other words, if clothes or sketches that are not by Yves Saint Laurent are shown — then I do reserve the right to take action." So, there's a chance that Bergé is going to be heading to court following the release of the Bonello film. More to come ...