Alexander Wang Files Answer in Sweatshop Case

Since March, an array of former-Alexander Wang employees – about 30 in total – have been coming forward alleging that Wang is running a sweatshop in his NYC factory. The former employees claim that they were forced to work 16-hour days and were not given overtime payment. The young designer has vehemently denied the allegations, and according to the most recent court documents, Wang is sticking to his story.

Wang's legal team was in New York federal court on Monday filing Wang's answer to the former employee's initial complaint. According to the court documents, the alleged sweatshop is actually a “modern, brightly lit studio with high ceilings and large windows ... and Wang has complied with all applicable wage and hour and leave laws, and there is no basis whatsoever for plaintiffs’ frivolous and entirely unsupportable accusations that defendants have harassed them or discriminated against them on the basis of their race, or on any other protected basis."

Further, Wang's answer states that in addition to overtime pay, all Wang employees are entitled to "paid vacation, paid sick days, paid holidays, paid personal days, medical and dental insurance, and other benefits."