Apple Just Poached Another High Fashion Exec.

montres_homme_en_acier__1162_north_545xOn the heels of reports that Apple was attempting to poach individuals from LVMH-owned watch brand Hublot to work on the impending launch of its iWatch, the company has announced that it has hired a senior executive from Swiss luxury watch brand Tag Heuer, another LVMH subsidiary, instead. Patrick Pruniaux,Tag Heuer's former vice-president for sales, is leaving the company today to join Apple, where his job title has not been revealed. Pruniaux joins Angela Ahrendts formerly of Burberry, who is serving as Apple's new retail chief (officially as of May), and Paul Deneve, former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, who left in 2013 for Apple and is rumored to be working with the iWatch division. Apple is expected to launch the iWatch this fall. As for LVMH, the split appears to be amicable. Jean-Claude Biver, head of LVMH's watch brands, told CNBC that the new role represents a great opportunity for Pruniaux. "If it had been a direct competitor, I would have felt a bit betrayed, but if he goes to Apple I think it is a great experience for him," Biver said. Now the question is … who is leaving their high fashion job for Apple next?