Brand to Know About: Muzungu Sisters

In case you haven't heard of Muzungu Sisters, its one amazing brand. Launched in 2011 by longtime pals Dana Alikhani and Tatiana Santo Domingo, the brand sources handmade clothes and accessories from all around the world. Mochila bags, delicate knits, hand-embroidered sweaters, and more have come from Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, India and Morocco (just to name a few places) - all of which were handpicked by Alikhani and Santo Domingo. And not only are the wares and accessories chic, but Muzungu Sisters' goods are selected with "extreme diligence and care, to ensure that no human footprint is left at their origin and to maintain the welfare, craft and industry of the artisans producing them." Not to be missed: the occassional Muzungu Sisters x Missoni collaborations!

image courtesy of rushmag