Brian Lichtenberg Files for Restraining Order

There has been another update in the Lichtenberg v. Lichtenberg drama over the brothers' BALLIN t-shirt design. In the proceedings of his lawsuit in California federal court, older brother Brian Lichtenberg (as opposed to the lawsuit of Christopher Lichtenberg, who  filed suit in California state court) has filed for a temporary restraining order (TRO). This would force Christopher from continuing to sell the goods at issue (the BALLIN tees, under his label Alex & Chloe) for the time being. Interestingly, a TRO, which is  an injunction, is used in situations in which the plaintiff needs immediate protection and theoretically, cannot afford even the delay required to hold a hearing on the matter. What is so dire in this case? Well, according to Brian, a few things. Read on ...


In his request for a TRO, Brian (via his attorney) claims that in addition to the "instantly recognizable parody names, each of the T-Shirts, sweatshirts, beanie caps and baseball caps are instantly recognizable by the public as being Brian Lichtenberg products because of the unique stitching of the fabrics, the size and  placement of the parody names and labels, the color schemes, the fabric and garment choices,and the materials and font style used for the parody names and label." As we all know by now, he alleges that his brother, Christopher "stole his trade secrets, which included, the unique specifications for [his] parody products, the contact information for the sole manufacturer of [his] parody products, [his] customer and distributor lists, and even a then confidential parody name and design that Plaintiffs were about to launch in the market (“Ballin” and “Ballin Paris”)." Further, Christopher allegedly "stole celebrity advertising pictures of the BRIAN LICHTENBERG parody products from the websites utilized  by the Plaintiffs and placed such advertisements on his own websites, making it  falsely appear that the celebrities are wearing and endorsing his imitation products." As a result, "this is causing massive confusion in the marketplace and irreparable harm to Plaintiffs." More to come ...


Brian Lichtenberg Files Suit against his Brother over BALLIN Design

Christopher Lichtenberg Already Filed Suit over BALLIN Design