Burberry Debuts See Now-Buy Now, Mixed-Gender Runway

Once upon a time, about the only people who attended fashion shows were apparel buyers for high-end department stores, who were on hand to plan what would be available for shoppers in the coming season. This is why Spring/Summer clothing is presented in the fall, and Fall/Winter clothing in the spring. Today, runway shows are social media spectacles, and as a result, consumers can easily view every runway look on Instagram or Snapchat or by way of any array of livestreams, which makes waiting six months for such items to become stoppable about antiquated as, perhaps, going to a department store.

With this in mind, an increasing number of fashion brands are trying to rewrite the calendar. In fact, Bloomberg noted earlier this year that the See Now-Buy Now model is "so painfully obvious" that even Kanye West thinks it makes sense. “I just thought of the craziest idea of all,” the fashion entrepreneur tweeted last year. “I’m going to sell winter coats in the winter!!!”

So far, Burberry, which debuted an 84-look genderless, See Now-Buy Now collection (highlights from which are pictured below), is the biggest company to make the shift. Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford are doing it, too, as are fashion-forward labels like Thakoon and Vetements. Prada, Versace, and Moschino have tested buy-now capsule collections. “This new consumer doesn’t enjoy shopping the way the older generation did,” says Roseanne Morrison, fashion director for trend intelligence firm Doneger Group. “It’s on their time and on their terms.”