Burch vs. Burch: The Lawsuit

The C. Burch - T. Burch legal saga is not coming to and end anytime soon it seems. They built the Tory Burch brand together, got divorced, and then Chris started his own lookalike brand, C. Wonder, while still on the board of Tory's co. Rumors were pretty incessant beginning in early 2012 that Tory had plans to sue her ex-husband for trade dress infringement or usurpation of corporate opportunity stemming from his C. Wonder venture and while Tory never brought suit, she did manage to get Chris step down as Tory’s co-chair in her eponymous company. Chris and Tory each still hold a 28.3 percent stake of the brand. So, it comes as little surprise that Chris has filed a major suit against his ex-wife. 

Chris, along with his two companies, JCB Investments, and C. Wonder LLC, are named on the suit filed in Delaware Chancery Court against the former Mrs. Burch, Tory Burch LLC, individual board members of Tory Burch, LLC and Isla Coral, a subsidiary of the Mexican private equity firm that took a stake in the company in 2009. What does Chris Burch want? Its more like what doesn't he want. According to court documents filed on Tuesday, Burch is seeking unspecified compensatory damages, reasonable costs and expenses, and “appropriate injunctive and equitable relief, including but not limited to removal of Ms. Burch and the dominated directors from the board and the appointment of new and additional directors to the board to protect the interests of plaintiffs.” 

WWD is reporting that Chris is alleging that Tory “interfered in multiple ways” with his C. Wonder brand, including “hijack[ing] the bidding process” of the sale of his stake in the company. He also takes a jab at Tory basically saying that without him, she would not have been able to assemble the team behind her billion dollar company as she had “never operated any business and had never been employed as a clothing designer.”