Chris Burch Talks C. Wonder and Tory

You may recall the heated comparisons between Tory Burnch's brand and C. Wonder, the recently launched brand of her ex-husband. The timeline: the two married in 1997, built the billion-dollar Tory Burch brand together beginning in 2004, divorced in 2006, and as of October 2011, Chris opened his C. Wonder store in Soho, right down the street from a Tory Burch shop. And as of now, Chris Burch is still a member of the board of directors for Tory Burch LLC, despite Tory's efforts to boot him from the position.

C. Wonder's interior
Tory claims that Chris' new store, C. Wonder, is a direct copy of her concept. Chris recently spoke out about the comparisons, saying: “It certainly doesn’t look like Tory’s brand. It’s the association of the name that gives some people that indication. I think the aesthetic is the same. I mean, Tory is amazing. She grew up outside Philadelphia, I did. It’s a very classic area. But Tory has a much more stylized point of view. We’re more about happy, fun, whimsical…Tory is serious, serious fashion.” What do you think: imitation or inspiration?