Chris Lichtenberg Already Filed Lawsuit Over BALLIN Design

The Fashion Law EXCLUSIVE - We told you the Brian Lichtenberg v. Christopher Lichtenberg lawsuit was not going to be pretty. After Brian Lichtenberg filed suit against his brother, Chris Lichtenberg (the founder of Los Angeles-based brand, Alex & Chloe) has spoken out, and revealed the lawsuit he filed against his brother, in March. According to a statement issued by Alex & Chloe: "Brian Richard Lichtenberg has very falsely accused Alex & Chloe of stealing a design from him, when he and his business partner Reda Bouiassa know full well that this design is owned by Alex & Chloe."

Turns out, Christopher Lichtenberg (and Alex & Chloe, Inc.) filed his own lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on March 22, 2013 against Brian Richard Lichtenberg, Brian Lichtenberg, LLC, Reda Bouaissa, Los Angeles-based retailer Kitson, and others (Case No. BC503835), and reportedly intended to keep the family legal drama under warps but now that older brother Brian has filed suit, the other Lichtenberg is speaking out. Of the lawsuit, the Plaintiffs state: "As we have always stated, the BALLIN and BALLIN PARIS design is an Original design made by and for Alex & Chloe. The BALLIN and BALLIN PARIS design was NOT designed by Brian Lichtenberg. Accept no Imitations."

As for Brian Lichtenberg's alleged "January 2012 HAND SKETCH of the design," his brother's lawsuit alleges that no such sketch exists, and coincidentally or not, no such sketch has not been submitted as evidence in either case. Also worthy of note, since this is a family feud-turned-public legal case, the Lichtenberg boys' mother, Ann Lichtenberg, appears to have sided with Christopher, by way of declarations she makes in Christopher Lichtenberg's complaint. More to come, I'm sure ...