Designers Are Worried Kanye Will Copy Them

In non-Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel news, the rapper-turned-wannabe high fashion designer hit the New York Fashion Week circuit last month before jetting off to Paris, and NYC-based designers are worried that Kanye will be a bit too inspired by their collections. According to the New York Daily News, "the rapper made the rounds at Fashion Week for a clothing project he’s planning ... Sources tell us they’re worried that their creations will be copied by the rapper, who is desperate for ideas on what’s hot." Ouch.

During NYFW, Yeezus was spotted in the front row at the Alexander Wang, Diesel Black Gold, Hood by Air and Louise Goldin shows. It gets worse. Apparently designers discussed whether or not they would permit Kanye to attend their shows: “It was something that was discussed beforehand — ‘Do we let him in and risk our ideas being sold off by him?’" The inspiration vs. imitation discussion is not completely new when it comes to West, whose second womenswear collection, which he showed in Paris in March 2012, bore a striking resemblance to Givenchy, Balmain, etc.

As for his upcoming project, someone from Kanye's team took to LinkedIn last month to help staff the unnamed “Kanye West clothing project" that is reportedly in the works. According to the LinkedIn job postings for a CFO and a Vice President of Production (Kanye will probably fill every other role: CEO, creative director, etc. - Just kidding!), the collection will bring "accessible style to malls and other outlets across America and around the world.” Accessible style? Malls? How very mainstream of him! Regardless, it sounds like a lot of speculation to us: Kanye's next fashion venture and his attendance at NYFW for the sole purpose of stealing ideas. What do you think?