Even More MJ - Kidult Drama

Turns out, everyone wants in on the Marc Jacobs-Kidult graffiti scene. In case you forget, graffiti artist Kidult tagged MJ's Soho store with the word, ART, last week. MJ turned around, took a pic. of the graffiti and put it on a shirt, which is available on his store for $600+. Kidult was pissed, taking to his Twitter saying how MJ wasn't playing by the rules or whatever.

It doesn't end there because t-shirt designer FRY is offering a $35 version of the tee printed with a picture of the Art by Art Jacobs t-shirt. The FRY version is literally a picture of the entire pink MJ shirt printed on a white tee. And don't forget about Kidult. The graffiti artist has also made a t-shirt of his own. It is a similar picture of the MJ store but its caption says, "Not Art by Kidult," whereas MJ's says "Art by Art Jacobs." Creative people drama totally would result in a bunch of t-shirts!

FRY (left) & Kidult (right)