Fashion's Most Photographed Woman: Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo, the the Editor-at-Large and creative consultant for Vogue Nippon, is the fashion industry's indisputable queen of street style, or so says Forbes. It is difficult to argue with the publication's claim, as there is nary a season that Dello Russo does not dominate most websites' street style coverage. 

Hello Russo, who is widely considered one of fashion’s most renowned stylists, is usually decked out in the colorful, "maximalistic styling," for which she is known to bring to fashion editorials. Her wardrobe often consist of loud-yet-sexy Versace frocks, Prada coats, or print-happy Mary Katrantzou dresses. Pair with that bold accessories, one of which can sometimes is sometimes Cucciolina, her miniature pinscher.

The Bari-native had got a degree in Art History, and subsequently finished her studies at Milan its Domus Academy. “After Domus, I immediately became fashion editor at Vogue Italia. I had the luck of having a job interview with Franca Sozzani – who had just taken the position of editor-in-chief – and she gave me the job a day after the interview. She (Franca) has taught me everything I know, especially to not be fearful of anything and just jump."

Years later, when she wanted to leave Vogue Italia and take on a more styling-centric role - as opposed to that of an editor - Condé Nast offered her two jobs: one at Vogue China, the other at Vogue Japan. “Even though I knew the Chinese market was going to be the future, I still went for Japan. I love Japan, because the Japanese are crazy like me when it comes to fashion. I decided to follow my heart.” 

"It is the digital world however," according to Forbes,  "where Dello Russo is most omnipresent, ever since starting her blog in 2010. What started out as a small online personal diary five years ago, today boasts a team of several." 

Unlike many of the more traditional editor roles, Dello Russo's position as editor-at-large enables her to work outside of the Condé umbrella. "When you’re attached to a magazine it is difficult to do this type of collaboration, but working for Vogue Japan as a creative consultant also allows me to take on other projects," she says. 

This has seen her collaborate on projects ranging from a collection with Swedish fast fashion giant H&M to styling runway shows. What does she want to do next? "I’d like to start working with pop stars in the near future however. The beautiful thing about the industry today, is that everything is possible.”

As for her role as one of fashion's most photographed women, Dello Russo says, “I think that in the year 2020, we will understand if the whole internet revolution and the world of street style is here to stay, or if it’s just a thing that is currently trending. But in my entire life I have never seen a medium as powerful as the internet.”