Faster Fashion is Not in the Cards for Jason Wu

Jason Wu isn't a fan of fast fashion, though he's mindful of how he rolls out collections ahead of season. "For me, it's not about doing it fast. For me it's about perfecting the work and presenting it at the right time," he said on the heels of presenting his Fall/Winter collection. While he has no plans to join the surge in a "see now, buy now, wear now" approach to business, "I think we've got to be more realistic about when the clothes are in stores," Wu added.

For instance, a neon yellow strapless party dress shared his runway with coats in a striped yellow and blue. Backless minis held together with cloth backstraps were mixed with detachable fur collars and sheer looks in florals.

He called the collection "Immaculate," in tribute to his core customer. "I like the idea of these chic strangers walking in the room. You know, filling the room, and immaculately dressed. That was really the point of the collection. It was to really address what she loves and what she desires," Wu said.

It's often about the details, which included this time around loose feathers on black and beige, and a pop of red in a coat. He carried a checkerboard print from a short-sleeve dress into a ladylike loafer.

"I think when it comes to luxury it has to be about the details," Wu said. "Luxury can't compete with fast fashion and so I think it's about really looking at the clothes and designing a wardrobe that she covets."