Interview Series: PHILLIP BLOCH

Phillip Bloch is widely considered to be one of the fashion industry's premier stylists, but to be frank, he's a living legend! If there's a truly iconic dress on the Oscars red carpet, Phillip is almost certainly involved. His work is regularly featured in Vanity Fair, Vogue, and InStyle, amongst others, and you may just recognize him from his many guest judge appearances on Project Runway. He shed light on style, his career, and using fashion to do good ...

Name: Phillip Bloch

Occupation: Oh my god…I am a man who wears hats and many of them. I am stylist, writer, author of books, designer, actor, TV host, philanthropist, and now I’m a curator.

My favorite trends right now: I’m not obsessed with trends. I think of trend as such a dirty little word. They are great to give you a slight direction but never follow them as the gospel. You have to take them as inspiration and then learn to interpret them and incorporate what works for you. Leather, for instance, is so hot right now but it just doesn't work for everyone.

Some important wardrobe staples: A classic white shirt, great cashmere (especially now that you can buy cashmere at every price point), garments made of natural fabrics and fabrics that feel good on your body. We have seen fashion become so comfortable over the years. We obviously like to dress comfortably now a-days. So, I say do it in chic clothes but in natural, comfortable fabrics.

I wouldn’t be caught dead in: Those TV pajama-style jeans – unless Michael Kors did them!

When in doubt, wear: Deep, dark colors. The little black dress or the little black pencil skirt doesn’t have to be black! It can be burgundy, navy, charcoal, green, and those colors look great together. We have broken all of those rules. When COMME des GARCONS came along and all of the Japanese – they started mixing the colors that we used to never wear together, like black and navy. So, yes, black is the classic, but once you have the black, think out of the box. The little black dress bores me to death! When I see someone in a little burgundy or a little emerald shift dress, I think, “This girl thinks a little bit out of the box. Thank god!”

The ultimate fashion moments in my career so far: There are 3 huge ones for me. The year I dressed 11 people for the Oscars. Will Smith and Jada, Jim Carey and Lauren Holly, Sandra Bullock. Salma Hayek wore the tiara. It was the first time our big Academy Award winning actresses had been to the Oscars. Then, the year I dressed Halle Berry and she won the Oscar in that dress, which is still one of the most iconic Oscars dresses. And finally, I did Michael Jackson's last photo shoot.

What I am focusing on now: I’m a contributing correspondent on ABC World News. I’m doing a series of interviews about celebrities and their charities. It’s called “Cause Celebs with Phillip Bloch.” It’s basically interviewing my celebrity friends about their charities and their philanthropic organizations. I am also curating for OpenSky and my collection is the only one that involves donating to charity. A percentage of the proceeds from my OpenSky shop each month are going to a different charity that is featured on Cause Celebs. The first charity is my friend Ivanka Trump's charity, Girl Up, which empowers adolescent girls around the world to achieve education and have access to health care. I am really focused on giving back now. I'm going to paraphrase Ms. Kate Moss here and say, "Nothing tastes as good as doing good feels."