Gucci is Actually Selling That ACRONYM-"Inspired" Jacket

ACRONYM by Gucci, anyone? The Italian design house, under the creative direction of Frida Giannini, has, in fact, released the ACRONYM-like jacket we told you about this past summer, and it is not actually a collaboration with Germany-based tech apparel brand, ACRONYM. We first saw (and told you about) the coat during the men's Spring/Summer 2014 shows in July, when Gucci sent an eerily familiar-looking jacket down the runway in Milan, one that bore a striking similarity to one that ACRONYM introduced for Fall 2007 and has since revived beginning in Fall 2010.

As for how similar ACRONYM's original GT-J5A design (one version is pictured below; they have tweaked it on at least three occasions) and Gucci's cotton poplin techno windbreaker are, the comparison is well, ... superficial, at best, and to be frank, not really a comparison at all. Sure, Gucci's version is constructed from "water repellant" poplin, but you may know that ACRONYM consistently takes it to the next level. In this case, that means a 3-Layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell with Gore Micro Grid Backer Technology. Technicalities aside, though, the two jackets (save for Gucci's adoption of a brownish hue) look A LOT alike (think: similar cut and length; same use of the double-zipper; similar placement of the side-zippers and side pockets/flaps (especially if you look at ACRONYM's F/W-07/08 version); also catch the pocket placed at the center on both jackets; amongst of variety of other spot-on similarities). Thus, I'm not sure any of the differences in quality or technical specifics between the two are reasons to discount the obvious visual similarities here: a copy is a copy.


In regards to Gucci's relatively recent foray into tech-wear, it is not terribly surprising that the design house seems to have looked to other sources (read: ACRONYM) for inspiration. The floral suits for men and metallic beachwear-like looks for women that the house showed for Spring/Summer 2014 do not exactly proclaim that the house has outstanding technical abilities, or even a tech-wear aesthetic, for that matter. And we weren't the only ones to notice that something was awry at Gucci. noted the divergence from the norm, referring the house's Spring/Summer 2014 men's collection as “a new direction for the label." As for whether that "new direction" is a bunch of ACRONYM-"inspired" creations, we will have to wait for next season. (At which point, I am certain ACRONYM will have advanced ever further, as they are known to do).

In the meantime, Errolson Hugh, the mastermind behind ACRONYM (along with the brand's co-founder Michaela Sachenbacher), took to his Twitter to share some light-hearted commentary on Gucci's recently-released jacket, tweeting: "'ACRONYM... by GUCCI...' Now available… #LOL #gucciripsacronym" and "I think it's the same actually. I'll let you know when I get one. Haha." He doesn't seem to be too threatened and rightfully so; ACRONYM is the original, after all.


ACRONYM’s GT-J5A jacket (left) & Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2014 jacket (right)