Gucci Recovers Even More Counterfeit Domains

In light of a design piracy scandal, things aren't all bad for Gucci. The Italian design house has recovered many, many domain names from cybersquatters attempting to drive traffic to their sites - again. We told you earlier this month that Gucci was awarded 165 domain names. Well, the brand has added quite a few more to its pile. Apparently, Gucci’s trademark was heavily being combined with “non-distinctive” words such as “boots” and “online."

According to World Intellectual Property Organization officials, the un-ending fight faced by Gucci and other retailers against cybersquatters may be a bit easier to manage in the near future, as the soon-to-be-implemented Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS) is reportedly a better solution for similar, clear-cut cybersquatting cases. The URS is one of the mechanisms to address trademark protection concerns in the New gTLD Program, under which .hermes, paris, and .blog, and others are being accepted for use. The URS is expected to provide trademark holders with a new, cost effective remedy to fight online counterfeiting.