Heatherette Co-Founder Arrested in NYC

In case you're wondering what ever happened to NYC-based brand, Heatherette, since they last showed, well, apparently, not much. The label, best known for celeb fans like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian (before her Kanye-imposed makeover, that is), last showed in 2008, and in the meantime, it appears that co-founder, Richard Eichhorn (aka Richie Rich), has been getting in some legal trouble.

According to the New York Post, the "deadbeat" designer (who is 44) skipped out on a $1,700 bill after spending three nights at the Times Square Westin in June. Eichhorn and a pal were initially arrested on misdemeanor theft-of-services charges. Eichorn was released on his own recognizance on June 11th, but a warrant was issued on June 30 that landed him back in court last week. Reporters caught up with him as he was leaving the NYC court, and he said: “Fashion Week is going to be great this year." Does this mean there is a Heatherette comeback on the horizon?