Jenner Sued for "Stealing" Hollywood App from Developer

Karl Lagerfeld’s most recent Chanel collection was featured in the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game this past week, but that is not the only news surrounding the super-popular app, which boasts roughly 30 million active users. According to a lawsuit, which was filed in California federal court yesterday by Kung Fu Factory, Kris Jenner and co. are being sued for upwards of $10 million for stealing the game from a development company after working on it with them for several months. Kung Fu Factory, which has had a hand in developing Mortal Combat and other games, alleges that Jenner ran off with copyrighted material that the company shared with the reality television mom while brainstorming for the project.

Kung Fu, a Los Angeles-based video game developer, alleges in its complaint that in 2011 its team presented a very in-depth proposal for the game to Jenner's representative, Brian Siegrest – only to have months go by without any final decision and the release of Kardashian’s game shortly thereafter with Glu Mobile, another development company that is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit. In its complaint, Kung Fu states: "Mr. Siegrest [approached Kung Fu and] intentionally or carelessly created the impression that he was an agent of the Kardashians and Kris Jenner with respect to a potential videogame project." And … "after stringing Kung Fu Factory along for months, the Kardashians ultimately claimed they were uninterested in such a project. However, in June of 2014, [they] released a Kardashian-themed social and mobile videogame called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood that is strikingly similar to the copyrighted game proposal prepared and submitted by Kung Fu Factory."

In addition to upwards of $10 million dollars in damages in connection with its copyright infringement and breach of implied contract claims, Kung Fu also wants the court to order the Kardashians and its current app company to immediately and permanently cease operations of the Kim K game. The likelihood of the latter actually happening is slim; the game is far too popular for the Kardashian clan to give it up without a fight (aka a trial). However, they will likely be willing to settle the matter out of court and as a result, Kung Fu will probably get a nice pay day out of this one. 

Other recent instances of Kardashian/Jenners allegedly misappropriating others' intellectual property include: Kendall and Kylie's Pac Sun clothing venture; the sisters' Khroma make-up collection; the other lawsuit filed against them for stealing the name of their Khroma collection; all of the copies that make their way into the Kardashian Kollection, and who could forget the fake "Louis Vuitton" bathing suit that youngest family member, Kylie Jenner, recently wore at Coachella? And the list goes on ...