John Galliano Compared to the KKK in Petition

The anti-John Galliano feelings shared by some in the fashion industry are also shared by some of the Parsons' student body. As announced earlier this week, Parsons The New School for Design is set to hire John Galliano for a 3-day workshop. However, not everyone is on-board with that idea. According to a petition, started by an anonymous Parsons student, which has been signed by about 350 others, Galliano is not exactly being welcomed with open arms.  Read the entire petition, in which Galliano is likened to the KKK, below and read our thoughts here.

The petition reads ...

This is a person who was fired from Dior for his anti-semitic remarks, who Natalie Portman refused to work with because of his remarks, so why is Parsons The New School for Design hiring him?

“I love Hitler,” the 52-year-old slurred in a drunken rage in February 2011.

“People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f------ gassed,” Galliano said to a group of Italian and French diners he thought were Jewish, as one of them filmed him on a cell phone.

He was also arrested in France for allegedly harrassing a couple with anti-Semitic remarks before assaulting them.

Parsons The New School for Design plans to hire John Galliano for a 3-day workshop. It doesn't matter if its for three months or three days, hiring someone who has made such horrific comments shows that the school values Galliano over their entire Jewish student body. It shows they value him over their students' respect, peace of mind, and heritage.

It is disgraceful to hire someone who has made such inhumane comments.

We do not want money from our tuition going to this kind of person. We feel like we've been slapped in the face by our school. There should be no room for this kind of person as a staff member on the faculty at Parsons.

Imagine if the school were hiring a person who publicly voiced support for the KKK — there would likely be backlash because it's not right to have someone like that teaching at a school. But because this is someone who has made anti-Semitic remarks, people are willing to look the other way. This is unnaceptable.

Please sign this petition and show Parsons that there are better people to hire for this position and that they, with so many students, should not have made a decision that upsets and disgraces so many students who call the school home.