Juicy Couture: Not Actually Made in the Glamorous USA?

Juicy Couture's slogan "Made in the Glamorous USA" is not entirely accurate anymore. The Los Angeles-based company, which rose to fame for its terry cloth track suits, now goes by the slogan: "Manufactured in the Glamorous USA." Made vs. Manufactured. What's the big difference? Well, the difference is a matter of federal law. The Federal Trade Commission states that in order for a product to be labeled as Made in the USA, “all or virtually all” the product must be made in America. Technically, this means that U.S. manufacturing costs must constitute 75% of the total manufacturing costs for the product; and the product was last substantially transformed in the U.S.

This distinction became a topic of conversation recently when a Juicy customer tweeted a picture of a t-shirt with a tag reading "Manufactured in the Glamorous USA" and "Made In Vietnam." A spokesperson for Juicy Couture responded, saying essentially that there was a mix-up in production. What we learned? Not all of Juicy Couture's wares are Made in the Glamorous USA.