Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Stole Idea for Fashion App

It seems actress Lindsay Lohan simply cannot avoid legal drama. On the heels of her lawsuit against the creators of Grand Theft Auto V, Lohan has been hit with a cease and desist letter from tech entrepreneur Fima Potik, demanding she halt her involvement in a new fashion e-commerce platform. According to the letter, Lohan, along with her brother Michael, entered into an agreement with Potik to collaborate on his startup, Spotted Friend, a mobile app that allows users to access celebrities’ and friends’ “virtual closets” to identify the designers and buy items. Potik alleges that both Lohans then proceeded to go behind his back and launch Vigme, a similar app with a business model is identical to his company, Spotted Friend.

According to a statement from Potik's legal team: "It is Mr Potik - not the Lohans - who created and developed the idea for a mobile application that allows users to access celebrities' and friends' 'virtual closets' and to directly purchase fashion items and accessories from these 'virtual closets.' In 2014, after being members of the company for over a year, without any warning, the Lohans and [their business partner Christopher Roth] launched a competing company and improperly took proprietary information and intellectual property from Spotted Friend to start the new business. We intend to take all action necessary . . . to protect Spotted Friend’s and Mr. Potik’s legal rights and commercial interests.”

As of now, a lawsuit has not been filed. More to come …