Louis Vuitton v. Warner Bros: Settled?

During a search for updates on the Louis Vuitton vs. Warner Bros. case, not much came up. Could the two powerhouses have settled the case, which Louis Vuitton brought in December 2011for trademark infringement stemming from the use of fake Louis Vuitton luggage in The Hangover Part 2? However, not only did Warner Bros. use fake LV bags, they passed the bags off as real. Louis Vuitton, a company known for intensely policing its trademark, was asking for injunctive relief (aka to have the scene taken out of the film) and for a portion of Warner Bros. $500 million + profits. 

As of mid-March, the case was still ongoing. However, on March 14, 2012 Warner Bros. filed a motion to dismiss, arguing that the knockoffs were "artistically relevant" as part of a running joke in the movie, and asked the judge to throw out the case. Warner Bros. further argued: "The issue is the freedom of the author to incorporate references to real life – including references to trademarks and even to counterfeit goods – in creating the expressive work. The ownership of a trademark confers many rights but not the right to alter or veto such creative expression." So, does the three month silence mean the parties settled and Warner Bros. paid Louis Vuitton off?