Model Files Sexual Assault Suit Against Former Vogue Italia Photographer

Alesia Riabenkova made headlines earlier this year when she accused fashion photographer, Cameron Krone, who has worked with Vogue Italia, Saks Fifth Avenue, Polo and Marie Claire, of raping her despite DNA tests disproving her claims that he got her pregnant. Well, now the Latvian model, who has graced the covers of Elle and Glamour and appeared in ad campaigns for Armani and Guess, has filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Krone in New York Supreme Court, a state court.

According to her complaint, which was filed on Thursday, “Since the [October 2014] rape, Rjabenkova has come into possession of certain electronic documents of Krone’s that confirm that Krone is a sexual predator who views female models as nothing more than potential objects for his sexual depravity.” The lawsuit further alleges: “'Krone uses his photography business to prey on young female models [...] and kept copies of composition cards of female models on which he wrote misogynistic and degrading remarks.”

According to the New York Post, Riabenkova, 23, alleges in her suit that the evidence at issue, which was submitted with the complaint, consists of models’ comp cards, which Krone, 31, who has shot models including Anja Rubik, Crystal Renn, Chanel Iman, and Elisa Sednaoui, among others, used for note taking. He allegedly made notes on cards that read: “I had bone just sitting by he[r],” “Wanted to bang her,” “Big big boobs,” and “So attracted to her.”

The comp cards have not yet been verified by the court as belonging to Krone or necessarily consisting of notes in his handwriting. Moreover, Riabenkova did not disclose in her complaint how she came into possession of them.

As a result of the alleged rape, Rjabenkova claims to be “suffering from and was diagnosed with chronic post traumatic stress disorder and other forms of emotional distress.” She is asking the court for an array of damages in connection with such pain and suffering.

According to an email from Krone, "The alleged incident never occurred and Alesia, in connection with another individual, has devised this scheme with the sole purpose of a quick financial gain."