Model Mondays: Yannick Boetzkes

From Kempen, Germany, Yannick Boetzkes was discovered in late 2011, after a friend submitted some shots of him to The Talent Net. Shortly thereafter, he signed on with major agencies in Paris, London, New York, Milan, Berlin and Barcelona, and made his international debut in June 2012. Yannick has walked for Versace, Brioni, Dirk Bikkembergs, and Canali - among others; graced the pages of D Section (with Andreas Brunnhage), GQ, Forbes, and Men's Health; and starred in Reiss' Spring 2014 lookbook and video. We caught up with him to talk about Barcelona, VERSACE, who he wants to work with, and more ...

The Fashion Law – How old are you and what's your nationality?

Yannick Boetzkes – I am 24 years old and German.

The Fashion Law – Business today is so much about branding do you feel like models are brands?

Yannick Boetzkes – Yes, I think you can look at models as brands. Each model is different and has their own look. You can categorize models into groups of brands, but still everyone is different.

The Fashion Law – What did you think of modeling before you got started?

Yannick Boetzkes – I didn't really think of being a model or anything related to modeling. I just knew of a couple of female models, like Heidi Klum, but I wasn't into it.

The Fashion Law – What has been the highlight of modeling for you so far? Is there a specific job you loved?

Yannick Boetzkes – I like that I travel a lot throughout the world and meet people I wouldn't have ever met if I wasn't modeling. Also seeing people again that I haven't seen for months is a nice feeling. I almost like every single job I have done so far. I could mention walking for VERSACE during Milan Fashion Week in January was great.

The Fashion Law – How was this past season for you?

Yannick Boetzkes – I think it was alright. I worked with Tom Ford in London, did his show and had a chat with him, which was pretty interesting. Canali was a good show I did in Milan. I am quite pleased with what I have done. So, I can't complain.

The Fashion Law – Do you think there are any downsides to modeling?

Yannick Boetzkes – I don't think there are downsides for me right now. Some people ask me how I handle all the travel without having all my friends from home around me and staying in different places all the time. I think it is really exciting and I like this way of living now.

The Fashion Law – Is there a particular designer or design house that you absolutely want to work with?

Yannick Boetzkes – There are many I want to work with. Too many to list.


The Fashion Law – What do you like to do when you're not traveling and working?

Yannick Boetzkes – I like to cook, go running and be in contact with my friends all over the world. Discovering the places where I am currently staying is also an activity I like. I was just in Barcelona and I recommend that everyone go there.

The Fashion Law – Any recommendations of things to do in Barcelona?

Yannick Boetzkes – Barcelona has the sea, it has mountains and it has beautiful architecture. I wouldn't recommend just one place to go to visit and do touristy stuff. I think people should just buy a metro card and go around the city. You also have to see a Gaudi building. Besides that just enjoy the city. Go to Nou Camp, go to the east, go somewhere on top of a building and enjoy the view. Walk up the mountain behind the city in the early morning and you'll have a wonderful view even if it is a foggy morning. I can go on talking and tell you where to go but honestly, just buy a metro ticket and start your journey...

The Fashion Law – Where do you see yourself in the next several years?

Yannick Boetzkes – Planet Earth.

The Fashion Law – What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

Yannick Boetzkes – I will go to NY and sweat at 50° C in August and stay until the temperatures go back to normal.

The Fashion Law – Last question ... what are you obsessed with right now?

Yannick Boetzkes – Learning Spanish! More or less. Ask me again in five years for an interview and I will answer in Spanish.