More Legal Drama for The Jersey Shore

MTV hit show, The Jersey Shore, is hardly a stranger to legal drama. The latest comes by way of a Federal Trade Commission complaint from the Skin Cancer Foundation. Turns out, the Skin Cancer Foundation isn't taking "Gym, Tan, Laundry" very lightly. In fact, the Foundation has asked the FTC to investigate MTV's programming in accordance with its allegations that the show encourages teens to engage in tanning without any warning of the associated risks. The show "glamorizes and promotes" excessive tanning and the cast members' "obsessive need to be extremely tan," says the Foundation's complaint.

The Skin Cancer Foundation's complaint also states: "In Season 3, the cast members had 12 GTL references, 48 images of tanning beds or tanning at the beach, 46 mentions of tanning, totaling 109 representations. In just six episodes of season 5, there were 11 GTL references, 20 images of tanning, 24 tanning mentions, and 22 general tanning references." If the Skin Cancer Foundation gets its way, MTV will run a disclaimer about the risks of skin cancer when airing or promoting the show or related merchandise.