Reece Witherspoon Sues Jeweler For Using Her Likeness

Legally Blonde actress, Reese Witherspoon has filed a lawsuit against a San Diego-based jewelry company for using her image without authorization. Witherspoon filed suit (via counsel) in a California court, claiming that Marketing Advantages International and its online jewelry e-commerce site,, used her name and image to sell jewelry (see the ad after the break). The actress further alleges in her complaint that the ads suggest an endorsement by Witherspoon of the defendant's brand, which is certainly not the case here. In addition to using her likeness, Emitations is offering for sale an imitation of Witherspoon's engagement ring from ex-husband Ryan Phillippe. She is seeking unspecified damages and injunctive relief, meaning she wants to prevent Emitations from using her name and/or likeness in any future advertising campaigns.

Interestingly, Emitations has the following disclaimer at the bottom of its site. No word on whether this was in place at the time Witherspoon filed suit. "The celebrities pictured on do not sponsor or endorse the products sold on and are not associated or affiliated with's use of the celebrities pictured are for informational purposes only, in order to demonstrate the similarity of's products with those worn by celebrities."