Rolling Stones Fight with Insurance Co. Over L'Wren Scott's Death

The Rolling Stones' legal battle with insurance underwriters, stemming from the death of frontman Mick Jagger's late girlfriend, L'Wren Scott, is moving forward. According to the New York Daily News, insurance underwriters involved in a legal battle with the Rolling Stones over a $12.7 million claim have won permission to seek evidence in Utah about the mental health of fashion designer Scott before she took her life in March.

You may recall that Jagger filed a multi-million dollar insurance claim earlier this year, alleging that Scott's suicide prompted the rock group to postpone a concert tour of Australia and New Zealand. It turns out, ahead of the Rolling Stones' tour, the group took out a $23.9 million policy to cover the possibility that shows were canceled for various reasons, including the death of family members or others, including Scott. When the insurance company refused to pay up, Jagger filed suit.

The insurance company is fighting Jagger's claim on the grounds that Scott's suicide was an "intentional act" likely tied to a preexisting mental illness, and not necessarily a "sudden and unforeseen" event. As a result, the company has asked the court to grant it access to personal text messages, emails and written correspondences between Scott and her Utah-based brother and business adviser Randall Bambrough from the six months leading up to her death.

According to court documents, they want "all correspondence relating to any treatment obtained by Ms. Scott for depression," as well as all documents relating to the cancellation of Scott's London Fashion Week show in February 2014 and her "financial situation." And that's not all, the insurance company is also seeking information from Scott’s former personal assistant, Brittany Penebre, and from the executor of Scott’s estate, Adam Glassman.

The two parties are expected to settle this out of court.