Some Thoughts From: Alexander Wang

Our “Some Thoughts From” series – an aggregation of thoughts from around the web from our favorite industry insiders – is back. Up this week: Alexander Wang. The buzzy young designer is not only New York’s claim to model-off-duty wardrobe fame, but as New York Times recently noted, he is “the most successful fashion designer of his generation.”

Wang started his eponymous label in 2004 at the age of 19, and has gone on to launch a number of other collections therein, such as his lower-end T by Alexander Wang line, denim, and most recently, a jewelry collection (this was just announced today and is slated to hit stores later this month). In 2012, the several-time Council of Fashion Designers of America Award winner was named creative director of Paris-based design house Balenciaga, a position he held until July 2015. Here are some of his thoughts on his time at Balenciaga, how fashion has changed in the past 10 years, making wearable clothes and more …

On his time at Balenciaga: All I know is that I was there for three years and we got double-digit growth each year. So you know what? I consider that an accomplishment for me and my team, and we did a great success.

On launching his label: There are days when you read something about you that's not the most complimentary, and things that happen that are not the most successful. And you just have to deal with it and move on.

On just wanting to make wearable clothes: I’ve always just wanted to make things that me and my friends really responded to and wanted to wear; that I felt were inspiring to our generation. I wasn't that person in college who had to put on the most conceptual fashion pieces to blow everyone away.

On how fashion has changed over the past decade: There are no more rules. You can be anyone of any mind and just put it out on your Instagram account. People are very excited for rules to be broken, and I feel like it has to do with this next generation growing up that's used to anything coming from any source or direction.

On what he has contributed to fashion over the past decade: Um? Thrown some great parties, gotten a lot of people drunk, got lots of people to take off their clothes. [laughs] For me, I've always loved fashion because it does feel like an escape. I like to do things that relate to people's everyday, but also provide an escape and a feeling that you're buying into something that is a bit of a fantasy.