Some Thoughts From: Céline Creative Director Phoebe Philo

Few designers manage to truly dictate the sartorial choices of a generation. Phoebe Philo is one of them. The Chloe veteran, who was named by Time Magazine one of world's 100 most influential people in 2014, has nearly single-handedly managed to influence the wardrobe of women of a range of ages since she took the helm of Céline in 2008. From bona fide Céline devotees to those shopping the fast fashion copies (Zara has, after all, been known to constantly reproduce a large number of Céline looks), Philo’s touch is undeniable and it is everywhere. The creative talks about controlling the brand’s image, not wanting to be interviewed, beauty, and more …

On being interviewed/the fashion media: Once the show has happened there's no need to control any image, but I don't like the idea of people sending out images before we've even done it. We don't allow anyone to do that. I don't like all that 'model backstage standing around having her picture taken in a stupid pose' … I think that the clothes say it all much better than I can. I always find it strange after a show when everybody comes backstage and says: 'What was it all about'? It's like: 'You've just seen it. What do you mean?' My instinct is to say: 'What did you think? What did you get from it?' And yet they want you to fill in even more. – The Independent, July 2011

On fashion: Fashion never stops. Whatever happens, literally the show must go on, the date is set and whether we’re ready or not we have to do a show on that day. It is a love-hate relationship. - Purple Magazine, 2013

On her designs: I feel like I design things for right now. The anchor of my kind of classicism and then the more fanciful things around it are what make my collections personal, different from those of other designers. - The Gentlewoman, 2010

On beauty: What I really do believe is that anybody – and it really doesn't matter what shape your body is – can be seductive and sexy and gorgeous and beautiful. I use an extreme idea of beauty as a way of showing Céline but I don't believe it has to be like that outside of the fashion show.  - British Vogue Festival, March 2014

On her work: I find mediocrity hard. I find that whole area difficult. I'm a very passionate person, I care very much about what I do. I believe I give it a lot, so it's gotta be good, otherwise what's the point?  - British Vogue Festival, March 2014