Some Thoughts From The Critics: Saint Laurent

Following yesterday's Saint Laurent show, who better to hear from for our Thoughts post than some of the fashion industry's most acclaimed critics. Here's what people are saying about Hedi Slimane's Fall 2013 collection, his second womenswear show since taking over last year for Stefano Pilati. 

NY Times/Eric Wilson: "Many editors present did not appear to be in love with the concept, but there were many pieces that looked commercially lucrative at the same time."

LA Times: "These retro 1990s Saint Laurent clothes didn't look much different from what's already available from those brands for a fraction of the price. When Saint Laurent did rich hippie, it looked rich; this didn't look like rich grunge."

WWD: "The collection Slimane showed on Monday night didn’t shout, whisper or even mouth the words Saint Laurent ... The man has guts ... Still, he missed the chance to take a motif well-entrenched in fashion’s public domain and make it his own."

Elle UK: "Was this a brilliant collection? Yes. It defined the moment. Will it sell? Probably, very well. Is Hedi Slimane turning Saint Laurent into a modern woman’s go-to brand? If you’re cool enough." "There was no expert skirting of nostalgia. Almost nothing looked new ... Anyone expecting the frisson of the future that Slimane once provided would have to feel let down yet again. At the odd moments when he allowed it to happen—as in a cutaway jacket over a plaid shirt over slashed black leather cuissardes—there was a glimpse of the kind of rigorous sensibility that hybridized passion and fashion into an irresistible force at Dior Homme."

Vogue: "This collection—doubtless luxurious in the hand and elegantly merchandised in the showroom—looked at times a little too contemporary market on the runway."