The Chanel Show Was Complete with Shoplifters

Somewhat surprisingly, there were some shoplifters at the Chanel Supermarket today. At the conclusion of the Paris-based design house's Fall/Winter 2014 show, an announcement was made, saying: "Dear valued customer, the Chanel store is now closing. Please feel free to pick up your complimentary fruit and vegetables as you leave."

However, according to a report from Dazed Digital, the fruit wasn't enough for some: "Like ravenous animals, members of the front row clambered over displays, shoveling souvenirs into their handbags and chomping on raw carrots. Editors were spotted stashing onions in their quilted clutches." Furthermore, the site wrote: "All shoplifters were prosecuted upon exiting the Chanel shopping centre, when security guards promptly retrieved all stolen goods from the thieves." Elle UK, confirmed: "The desire to smash and grab was too much for some who tried to make off with packages of tea, hidden under their coats."

Turns out, the Coco Flakes, the Coco Carbone lighter fluid Rihanna was seen carrying, the Paris Dallas Ketchup (an ode to the house's Pre-Fall 2014 show staged in Texas), Le 9 De Chanel eggs, Coco Choco, teas ("Little Black Tea" and "Very Early Grey"), the Tweed Lemon beverages, and other Chanel-branded groceries were not  meant to be gifts.