The Cheapest Place to Buy a Louis Vuitton Bag Now? In Paris.

Import duties, sales taxes and transport costs have long meant that luxury goods bear differing price tags depending on their locale, items differently in different countries. Moreover, "at times of strong foreign-exchange volatility these variations get exacerbated as retailers can't adjust as fast as currencies can move," according to Bloomberg. With that in mind, the cheapest place to buy a Louis Vuitton bag, at the moment, is in France. 

While France is the least expensive place to procure Louis Vuitton's handbag, in the U.K. the pound's 14 percent year-to-date depreciation against the dollar has also given a boost to foreign shoppers' purchasing power. For Chinese consumers, who are the world's most enthusiastic purchasers of luxury goods, Burberry's traditional Chelsea trench coat is, for now, most reasonably priced in the country where it’s made.