The Fashion Law MAN: Canada Goose

CONCEPTS and outerwear company, Canada Goose, have joined forces again for a Rogue Sportsman Capsule. The Boston-based streetwear company teamed up with Canada Goose for the latest version of their Lodge Hoody. This year, its the Camo and Stark Red Lodge Hoody (pictured above).

And while we are talking Canada Goose, the extreme outwear company, has won a landmark trademark counterfeit case in a District Court in Stockholm, Sweden that has been pending since May. Apparently, the five Thailand-based defendants were operated businesses from Thailand, under the guise of Swedish companies (which didn't actually exist). The defendants sold thousands of jackets that were labelled as Canada Goose between 2009 and 2012 in Sweden. In a statement released this week by Canada Goose, two of the defendants were sentenced to serve prison time, and Canada Goose has been awarded $105,879 in damages. 

WWD reports that Canada Goose has begun putting holograms into the seams of its jackets and accessories, listing the names of authorized retailers, and working with law enforcement to stop the sales of bogus products, in attempts to fight counterfeits.