The Fashion Law MAN: Why Dr. Martens Actually Still Matters

Not only is shoemaker Dr. Martens still alive and kicking outside of your mall’s Journey’s location, but they appear to be more relevant than ever. This Thursday, Private Equity Group Permira agreed to purchase parent company of Dr. Martens, R Griggs Group, for just under half a billion dollars.

While $500 million might seem like a lot of money for a brand last associated with 90’s slackers and, before that, British skinheads, the brand has managed to creep back into popular culture recently in more ways than you might have expected. For TFL readers that are avid MTV watchers (all 4 of you), you might have noticed them on Miley Cyrus’s feet in her recent video for her single, “Wrecking Ball.” Given that Miley wears literally nothing BUT her Docs in the video, it serves as quite the cosign from the  fashionista (please feel free to debate use of the word Fashionista in describing Miley Cyrus in the comments). Miley's decision to support Los Angeles-based brand Stampd in her previous video helped put the budding Los Angeles line on the map for many non-Hypebeast regulars.


Overly-sexual pop starlets aren’t the only ones helping put the 100-year-old brand back in the spotlight. Directional versions have popped up on #Fashion site in the past year, as well, in addition to,, and With that much #internetfashioncred, they should be stocked at Union LA and receiving write-ups any day now. Even workwear holdouts have stocked some of the less attention grabbing models. Nordstrom, of all places, has even begun stocking the brand recently. Which means that not only have they grabbed the attention of fashion influencers around the world, but soon, the wealthy mothers in a middle-American neighborhood near you. (Shout-out to Nordstrom’s customer base.)

Take a look at few of the recent standout models from the brand below and tell us, do you think Dr. Martens is worth half a billion dollars?

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 10.05.12 PM

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 10.05.51 PM