The Search for Vittorio Missoni is Still Pending

Almost exactly a year after the crash of a plane carrying Vittorio Missoni (part owner of the Italian design house, who headed the house's commercial and manufacturing operations) and his wife, Maurizia Castiglioni, the search for remains is still pending. The Missoni's had been flying with two friends and two pilots from the resort islands of Los Roques to the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. According to the NY Post, the remains of the missing Italian fashion mogul Vittorio Missoni have still not been located.  The Missoni family issued a statement this week, saying: “One year after the tragic disappearance of the [plane] carrying . . . Vittorio Missoni, Maurizia Castiglioni, Elda Scalvenzi, and Guido Foresti . . . laboratory analysis of the biological remains . . . have led exclusively to the positive identification of [Castiglioni] and the two Venezuelan pilots. The families sincerely hope that the underwater exploration of the remaining parts of the wreckage . . . will within a short time bring the recovery and the identification of [Vittorio] and the other passengers.”

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It has been an eventful year for the notoriously close fashion family, many of whom work in the family business. Ottavio Missoni, the founder of the Varese-based design house, passed away in May at age 92. In September, accessories designer and heiress to the family brand, Margherita, welcomed her first child, Otto Amos (named after her late grandfather) with Italian race car driver husband Eugenio Amos. (The two married in June 2012). Then in October, Angela Missoni, who serves as creative director for the brand, was honored with FGI's International Award, at its Night of Stars event. Of her  award, Missoni said: "My mother is here tonight, my children. Even my grandson, who’s a month old, is going to be here ... You know, I’ve been really touching my emotions a lot this year, so I cannot say this touched my emotions. But I can say it makes me proud, makes me proud of my work, and makes my family proud of me."