Those Tom Ford Dresses Are Knock-Offs


Because why not talk more about those two TOM FORD 61 jersey dresses that hit the runway yesterday now that we have a bit more info. The dresses were knock-offs, according to the designer. Tom Ford copied the design of BBP. He says, “I just took the knock off from online, and knocked it off. ”[Jay Z's original jersey] sells for $65. My knockoff will sell for $6,500."

Turns out, the Paris-based brand, which is "very famous in Paris and known overseas through artists such as JAY-Z, BEYONCE, THE TWINS", provided some of the wardrobe for Jay Z's Magna Carta tour and this was an existing design of theirs, minus the sequins. According to the brand, "it draws on several clothing styles like rock style, hip hop, but also a little more classic styles to make us unique designs that can be worn by everyone." Now correct me if I'm wrong, but with a few clever Jay Z references, their "unique designs" are essentially just LPD tees, with leather sleeves and Givenchy-esque stars. On the Crème de la Crème style, they throw a bunch of designer logos on the tee. And be sure to catch this "play" on the Givenchy Pervert 17 tee, entitled the "Pervert 69 no Givenchy 17 T-shirt." Tom Ford either gained some major street cred with this or he's just trying really hard to tap into the appeal of Riccardo Tisci. Thoughts?