Tom Ford Channels Jay Z, Copies LPD

What does a designer do when he experiences the fashion equivalent of writer's block? Apparently, he takes the words of a rap song, interprets them literally, puts them on a dress that LPD NY popularized over a year ago (even though LPD appears to have skipped Ford in their Dream Team series) and adds sequins. At least, that's what Tom Ford does. In a ode(?) to Jay Z's relatively recent song, entitled, Tom Ford, the designer sent not one but TWO models down the runway in sequined dresses embellished with his first and last name and the number 61 (his birth year). I mean, he was reportedly quite flattered by the song, but two dresses? And in case that's not enough material to work with, he included the word "Molly" with a line through it. How ... artistic? Literal? Stupid?

In case you aren't like me and every time you hear the words "Tom Ford" you actually think of the insanely talented brand builder that turned Gucci and YSL into thriving mega-houses in the early 2000's, this may be a point of no return for you. For me, every time I hear the words "Tom Ford", I almost automatically hear Jay Z, rapping, "I don't pop molly. I rock Tom Ford." And then I cringe.

The worst part of all (aside from the fact that the whole jersey thing is 46272537 seasons old), the rest of Ford's collection is actually pretty impressive. Complete with a plush red velvet floor-length gown, references to the late and great Geoffrey Beene, impressive/chic skinny black suits, and that cozy white shag coat, Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2014 is a great collection. Yet, these two dresses are 100% stealing all of the thunder.