Tyler Shields Releases Another Birkin-Centered Series

Photographer Tyler Shields is at it again. The photog, who is being referred to by a handful of outlets as a "well-known celebrity photographer and Birkin destroyer,” has released a new series of photos. This time, instead of his girlfriend, Francesca Eastwood biting into the Birkin bag, it is a crocodile and 22-year-old model Ana Mulvoy-Ten, which already has people talking about the danger Mulvoy-Ten was likely put in to capture the shots.

The Hermès Birkin at issue, which apparently took Shields seven months to obtain (due to a waiting list), was worth $100,000 — assuming its auenthic.

You may recall that last time, following the release of photos of a $100k red Crocodile Birkin VS being set on fire, chainsawed, and bitten into by Eastwood, there was much speculation about the authenticity of the bag. While we are curious to see what backlash follows this time in terms of the authenticity of the bag, it is also interesting to note that the waiting list of certain Birkin bags is alive and well, despite a reported decline in existence of such lists (which some sources, including us, suggested may be attributed to the Kardashians' over-exposure of the coveted bags). More to come …