Update: Alexander Wang Sweatshop Case

After reporting that the plaintiffs in the Alexander Wang sweatshop class action were moving to federal court,  there's some undercover drama, according to NY Mag. Ming Hai, the lawyer for the plaintiffs, filed a motion to discontinue the case without prejudice, and a new lawyer will refile the case in federal court. Alexander Wang's lawyer, Hugh Mo, basically responded saying that the original case is so flawed that it should be dismissed with prejudice. The result of this would prevent the plaintiffs' new lawyers from being able to refile in a federal or state court.

But the real drama is between the two attorneys and its complicated but basically, on Friday (the day after Hai moved to dismiss the case), Mo sent a letter to Hai threatening to take legal action against him unless he filed with prejudice. So, as of now, there are no charges pending against Wang, but according to Hai, the plaintiffs' new lawyers will refile the charges in federal court "very soon."