Update: Horyn Responds to Hedi's Letter

So, what does notoriously honest fashion critic Cathy Horyn have to say about Hedi Slimane's rampage, I mean, open letter, in which he called her a less-than-talented school yard bully? Reached on Tuesday evening, Horyn told WWD: “It’s just silly nonsense to me.” Maybe we can put this feud to rest until next fashion week.

UPDATE: Putting this to rest? Not going to happen. Hedi took to his Twitter again today but this time with a shorter message: "The perfect integrity of the New York Times, and its writers, is not precisely 'just silly nonsense.'" AND "What is a 'silly nonsense' to me is Catty Horyn still singing her tired bias tune for the NYT. This is an embarrassment for the newspaper."