Lindsay Lohan Sues over Clothing Line

In case there aren't enough celebrity clothing lines, troubled actress Lindsay Lohan started her own collection a few years ago called 6126 (a reference to Marilyn Monroe's birthday), which consists almost primarily of leggings. Well, Lohan and her 6126 business partner, Kristi Kaylor, filed a $1.1 million lawsuit in a Los Angeles federal court today against D.N.A.M. APPAREL INDUSTRIES, the company responsible for manufacturing her 6126 line.

The claims: 1) Breach of Contract, 2) Fraud and 3) Trademark Infringement. Turns out the company failed to pay her what she is owed from sales at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and the Kardashians' store D­A­S­H - of course! According to the suit, Lohan entered into an exclusive worldwide trademark license agreement for an initial term of 2 years with D.N.A.M. in 2009. Lohan alleges that D.N.A.M. failed to pay her over $500,000 in royalties and other sums due to her. Claim 2: D.N.A.M. knowingly made false representations of significant facts, with the intent to deceive and induce Lohan to enter into the agreement. Lastly, Lohan is suing for infringement of the 6126 trademark, which she claims ownership of. There are two federal registrations for the mark, both of which are for class 25 (covering clothing) owned by 2126, LLC.

This isn't the first legal drama surrounding the actress' 6126 line. In 2010, photographer Scott Nathan filed suit in a Los Angeles federal court claiming that he was hired to do a photoshoot with Lohan for the collection, was promised a 1% interest in the clothing label in return for his work, and was never paid. Nathan also sued Universal Music Group, after claiming one of the pictures he took for the fashion line was used for Lohan's single, Bossy, without his authorization. More to come ...