Urban Pulls Prescription Goods, Offers No Apology

Urban Outfitters has been boasting a collection of prescription-themed products that have since come under fire. While Urban Outifitters cites "humor, satire, and hyperbole," in connection with the controversial goods, others, such as the attorneys general of 22 states and Marsha Ford, the president of the American Association of Poison Control Centers, aren't in agreement. In a letter to Urban Outfitters, the attorneys general wrote: "There is a national health crisis related to the abuse and diversion of prescription drugs. We are actively engaged in a campaign to educate the public that abuse of prescription drugs is not safe simply because the medication originated from a doctor. By putting these highly recognizable labels on your products, you are undermining our efforts." See the products at issue and read Urban's less than apologetic response below ...

According to Ford's letter: "One person dies from a drug overdose every 19 minutes in the United States; about half of those deaths involve prescription painkillers. In fact, accidental overdoses have surpassed car crashes as a leading cause of American accidental deaths." Urban Outfitters has responded by pulling the goods and offering this (slightly pathetic and utterly insensitive) statement: "We recognize that from time to time there may be individual items that are misinterpreted by people who are not our customer. As a result of this misinterpretation we are electing to discontinue these few styles from our current product offering." Thoughts?

images courtesy of savvyshopper & abc



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