Vittorio Missoni Aircraft Finally Found

from left: Margherita, Angela and Vittorio Missoni

The plane carrying Vittorio Missoni and five other passengers has been found. The YV2615BN-2A aircraft - which went missing on January 4 carrying Missoni and his wife Maurizia Castiglioni, as well as their friends Guido Foresti, Elda Scalvenzi and two crew members - was located in waters north of the Los Roques archipelago, off the Venezuelan coast. The discovery comes after a new search was launched five days ago using U.S. oceanographic ship Deep Sea. Interior Minister spokesman Jorge Galindo confirmed that this is, in fact, the Missoni plane: “The plane that crashed on January 4 has appeared." Authorities are currently calculating how to recover the plane to see if there are any bodies inside.

Vittorio was a co-owner of the family-founded company with siblings Luca and Angela. He handled the technical and design sides of the firm. In a joint statement, the Missoni, Castiglioni, Foresti and Scalvenzi families said that they had "faith that the investigations will continue until the causes and the responsibilities of the accident will be ascertained."