What the September Issue Says About Vogue ...

The fashion blogosphere has been buzzing after Vogue announced who will grace the cover of its September 2013 cover - the biggest issue (literally and figuratively) of the year and the first since Anna Wintour jumped ship (so to speak). Last September, a very airbrushed Lady Gaga covered American Vogue and this year, The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence, will take her place.

While I don't really care either way, as American Vogue is a bit too fame hungry and mainstream for my taste these days, the fact that the magazine has chosen Lawrence, a presence that is largely absent from the world of social media, is interesting. Lady Gaga, in comparison, has nearly 40 million Twitter followers. This is a compelling move, given last month's New York Times piece, which examined the fading allure of the film star, and magazines subsequent reliance on TV actors, reality stars and musicians, largely due to these parties' willingness to promote themselves and their projects (such as their faces on magazine covers) on various social media outlets.

Is Vogue slowly reverting to its old ways, and the days when fashion truly was its main focus and models covered each month's issue? I doubt it. However, with Anna Wintour, the force behind bringing celebrities to the cover of Vogue (as prior to the devil in Prada, herself, Vogue covers featured only models), moving on to serve as the Artistic Director of Conde Nast, as a whole, as opposed to focusing solely on Vogue, this may be the beginning of something different.

It is quite obvious that we won't see a change overnight (and we may not see a change at all - it may simply be a coincidence that Lawrence is a huge star at the moment worthy of a Vogue cover and yet, she does not maintain social media accounts). But it would be refreshing to think that Vogue, the entity that puts the U.S. on the map in terms of fashion (both emerging and established), is able to maintain relevance in our digital world without focusing so heavily on the mainstream media and celebrity gossip that is dominating the public right now - for better or worse. Thoughts?