What's Your Excuse for Attending Fashion Shows During Fashion Month?

Now that fashion month (the collection of weeks that make up the bi-annual shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris each season) is over, it seems appropriate to stop and reflect on the Fall/Winter 2015 season, and why exactly anyone attends Fashion Week in the first place. And who better to weigh in on this topic than "it" boy blogger, bona fide street style star, and permanent front row fixture, Bryan Boy? We teamed up with the power blogger to answer just one question: Why do people attend Fashion Week? Here is what we came up with ...



To Write Show Reviews - This small segment of the fashion population (just 2%) consists of some of our very favorite people in the industry: the critics. The New York Times' sharp-witted fashion director and chief critic, Vanessa Friedman falls into this camp. Notorious sharp shooter Cathy Horyn, who recently returned to the scene, writing reviews for New York Magazine's The Cut blog, is in here. Suzy Menkes and Tim Blanks probably fell neatly in this category, as well, at one point. 

To Watch the Show - Yes, this is actually a category, albeit a small one. Surprise, surprise, some people actually attend the show to watch and enjoy without a job to do or an ulterior motive to fulfill. These individuals usually tend to be family, friends and clients of the designers showing. (Think: David, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Harper Beckham, who all sat front row at Victoria Beckham's NYFW show this season).

To Plan What to Buy for Next Season - Buyers are frequent front row fixtures at every major fashion show. Whether it is MyTheresa's buying director, Justin O'Shea, or Bergdorf Goodman's Linda Fargo, these people are here to figure out what exactly we will be buying next season. Elyse Walker, Fashion Director at Forward by Elyse Walker, told Fashionsta: I attend shows because it helps set the tone for next season and it helps me and my buyers plan what we are going to buy for fwrd.com as well as my store in the Pacific Palisades. I find it easier to spot trends during fashion week, so in between shows and appointments we try and work out which ones we feel strongly about and anticipate which ones our customers will love."

To Go on a Free European Vacation Courtesy of the Work Expense Account - Magazine editors, this one is for you (but only jokingly). But, Paris really is beautiful in the Fall!

To Be Photographed - While few will admit that this really is their reason, if you stand outside of a show, the street style peacocking really does speak for itself! Another clue that this may be someone's reason: He/she is wearing next to nothing in the February snow.

To Post on Instagram - Because how else are you going to keep your followers in the loop and make all of your friends jealous?

So, tell us: What's your reason for attending?