SPONSORED: Those who have looked into the production of quality textiles In Italy are sure to be familiar with  Lanificio Becagli, a privately-owned company that has, for the past 65 years, produced high-quality textiles for the fashion industry (and the sports world, too). The Lanificio Becagli name has become synonymous with its ability to maintain quality, while simultaneously adjusting to create products that respond to the needs of modern-day consumers, including innovations, such as eco-furs and fleece. With this in mind, earlier this year, Lanificio Becagli premiered a new line to their successful range: Ainea.

Italians will recognize the word almost immediately. Ainea, an Italian word that means fear, has no equivalent in the English language, which is perfect for a clothing line that hopes to have no equivalent anywhere else in the world. Ainea, which premiered this past February earlier this year, and its faux fur coats immediately drew the attention of fashion industry insiders and fans alike, being featured on Lyst and The Telegraph. Faux fur is among the cornerstones of Lanificio Becagli, and as such, the line of coats presented by Ainea is worthy of praise. Seeking to continuously innovate a product, Lanificio Becagli began “playing with the inner structure of the raw materials to create unusual structures and patterns, so to grant new meanings and unexpected aesthetic results to the textiles.”

The result is a stunning collection of collarless color-blocked coats that have an avant-garde aesthetic, and simple silhouettes that bring more attention to the textiles. Ainea is able to create fashionable looks that still highlight their faux fur products. Moreover, Ainea is dedicated to creating collections that are Made in Italy. Its designers are constantly working to reinvent old trends in order to appeal to the modern shopper, reshuffling “the cards of the game to satisfy the new demands of the market.”

Although they began as a women’s winter wear collection, Ainea has since branched out. Their products can be purchased in hundreds of stores all across the world, with looks for every season, made of every textile that Lanificio Becagli has perfected.