According to the NY Post, a saleswomen at the Alexander McQueen store in the NYC Meatpacking District subjected an African security guard to such intense racist taunting, that he was hospitalized for anxiety attacks, depression and plans of suicide, and has since filed suit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The plaintiff is Othman Ibela, 22, of the Central African nation Gabon. In his complaint, he says Kimberly Mahnke, a saleswoman at the McQueen store, “repeatedly made jokes about me running nude in Africa with a spear in my hand.”

According to Ibela’s complaint, the store’s manager, Catherine Flynn (who formerly worked at Saks and Peoples Revolution since graduating from F.I.T.), also repeatedly tormented him, asking him “why Muslims were always killing people” and joking about his accent, saying he sounded like he was speaking Swahili, an East African language that is not used in Ibela’s homeland. He also claims that the two women ignored black customers, often turning their backs when they entered the showroom. When he asked to be reassigned, his pay was docked and his hours were cut, the EEOC documents state. Ibela also plans to file suit in a New York federal court.