Alexander Wang settled the lawsuit brought by two of his former employees, who alleged that the young designer’s Chinatown NYC factory is a sweatshop in violation of various New York State labor laws. The Fashion Law has learned that Judge Harold Baer of the Southern District of New York dismissed the suit on Monday after the parties settled for an undisclosed amount.

The plaintiffs (Wenyu Lu, a 56-year-old man and Flor Duante, a 48-year-old woman) filed suit in March asking for $450 million in damages. Both claim they were forced to work over 80 hours a week in Wang’s windowless, 200-square-foot factory, and were was terminated after filing for workers’ compensation. 

As of this week, Lu and Duante moved to have the lawsuit dismissed, after the parties reached a quiet and confidential settlement out of court. On Monday, New York federal court Judge Harold Baer granted this request, meaning that the case is closed. 

“We are gratified that this matter has been dismissed, as the allegations were unfounded and completely false,” a spokesman for Wang told WWD. Wang has denied all allegations since the suit was filed. There has been no mention of whether Wang’s factory failed to meet various labor and safety standards and was, in fact, a “sweatshop.”