Wang's Robyn bag (left) & the drawing from his patent application (right)

Wang’s Robyn bag (left) & the drawing from his patent application (right)

Alexander Wang may have landed the coveted Balenciaga creative director position, but that doesn’t mean he’s putting his namesake label aside. In fact, it looks as though he’s taking measures to ensure the simultaneous success of the Wang brand. The young designer was granted a design patent for parts of his Robyn hobo bag last week. Introduced as part of his Fall 2011 collection, it looks as though Wang may be anticipating the Robyn style to be his next “it” bag, following in the footsteps of his cult favorite Rocco bag.

Wang’s patent protection, stemming from his application for the “Bag with Corners,” provides protection for the structured metal corners of the bag and the attached metal feet. So, what does this mean for Wang? The American brand may prevent others from manufacturing bags with similar corners for the term of the patent – 14 years. Also, because the patent covers only the corners (and not the Robyn bag as a whole), it likely extends to other styles, such as Wang’s Emilie, Prisma, and Marion styles (see after the break), with very similar corners.