She was one of the great muses of the Rolling Stones, an actress, model, a bona fide fashion icon, and the longtime partner of Keith Richards. Anita Pallenberg. She was considered an unofficial Rolling Stone by the band’s inside circle, after sneaking backstage at a Rolling Stones concert in Munich in 1965, becoming entwined with the band just as they neared the peak of their fame. And as aptly put by the New York Times’ Vanessa Friedman, she changed the way we all dress, “creating a genre of dressing still on view today.”

In saying that Pallenberg’s “influence has been profound,” Rolling Stones production assistant Jo Bergman, was certainly speaking, at least in part, about Pallenberg’s sartorial flair. Per Friedman, it took the form of the “boho deluxe” look that we so take for granted nowadays.

Her look – which has since been embodied in supermodel Kate Moss and countless editorials, was a mix of “high boots and miniskirts and chain belts and new romantic blouses; animal print and paisley and florals; billowing sleeves and ribbed knits. She threw it all together with a just-rolled-out-of-bed/up-all-night air and dared anyone to comment. She mixed high and low and blended genres with magnetic abandon, and the result had its own gravitational pull.”

It is a style that has influenced everyone from Hedi Slimane (quit notably during his Saint Laurent tenure, his first foray into womenswear) to those buying for British fast fashion chain Topshop, and it is one that will certainly far outlast her death this week at age 75.